GS1 Digital Link helps barcodes and other data carriers become web links - connecting a product's unique identity to online sources of real-time information that brands control.

The GS1 Digital Link standard extends the power and flexibility of GS1 identifiers by making them part of the web. This means that GS1 identifiers, such as the GTIN, are now a gateway to consumer information that strengthens brand loyalty, improved supply chain traceability information, business partner APIs, patient safety information and more. 

What is GS1 Digital Link?

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GS1 Digital Link for Brand Owners

Brands can now speak directly to consumers through a single, smarter barcode on their packaging, providing detailed, reliable information and richer, personalized experiences.

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GS1 Digital Link for Retailers

Retailers can improve efficiency and safety with access to accurate product data and enhanced traceability, with the ability to also authenticate products as they move through their system.

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Solution Providers

Help your brand and retailer customers get started with GS1 Digital Link by offering this value-added service.

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Quick Links | GS1 Digital Link Resources and Training

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  • GS1 Digital Link Global Standard | Download PDF >
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The GS1 Digital Link Journey

Proof of Concept

Together with Avery Dennison, P&G, and Walmart, the GS1US Proof of Concept team set out to demonstrate how a single barcode can perform multiple functions. 

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