Implementation Guidance: Point-of-Care Scanning

As medical device labelers mark their products with unique device identifiers (UDIs) per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Unique Device Identification Rule*, these UDIs are available for point-of-care (POC) scanning by healthcare providers.

Many labelers have chosen to use GS1 Standards to implement the U.S. FDA UDI Rule. Thus, for many healthcare providers, their first experience using GS1 Standards in their operations will come from the implementation of POC scanning systems to capture UDIs from implantable devices.

Workgroup Efforts

To support this effort, GS1 US® established the GS1 Healthcare US® Point of Care Scanning Workgroup to gather feedback from providers who have implemented, or are in the process of implementing GS1 Standards for POC scanning, and solution providers of associated supporting systems (e.g., scanning, electronic health record (EHR), enterprise resource planning (ERP), device inventory management systems, POC, etc.).

This guidance document was developed to support U.S. healthcare providers using GS1 Standards to implement of point-of-care scanning systems and capture unique device identifiers for implantable devices. It provides an implementation overview, defines data and system readiness recommendations, identifies key implementation steps, and delivers a summary of GS1 Standards as well as GDSN attributes that support POC scanning.

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*For information about the rule, see the U.S. FDA Unique Device Identification System 

Disclaimer: GS1 US is the local GS1 Member Organization that supports implementation of the GS1 System in the United States. GS1 US employees are not representatives or agents of the U.S. FDA, and the content herein has not been reviewed, approved, or authorized by the U.S. FDA.

GS1 is a U.S. FDA-Accredited Issuing Agency for UDI, and GS1 Standards are authorized for use in implementing the requirements of the U.S. FDA UDI Rule.