6 Steps to Getting Started with RFID

You've been asked to tag your products with EPC-Enabled RFID tags—Now what? As a supplier, it's very important to have an understanding of what makes a successful RFID program. Below you'll find the most important steps in implementing RFID right the first time.

Understanding the request

1. Understanding the Request

The more you understand about the specific uses of RFID and any requirements your trading partners may have, the easier it will be to turn your plan into action.

Building Your Team

2. Building Your Team

EPC-enabled RFID technology touches multiple functions within your organization. Make sure you bring together a cross-functional team for the best result.

Tagging Your Product

3. Tagging Your Product

Once Steps 1 & 2 are complete, you'll need to make decisions regarding the overall strategy, product(s) you want to tag, the environment, and tag placement.

Managing the Unique ID

4. Managing the Unique ID

Unique ID makes the use of RFID technology possible. For an identifier to describe a specific instance of a GTIN®, a unique serial number is required to distinguish one product instance from all other instances of the same product.

Defining and Purchasing Equipment & Secure Services

5. Defining and Purchasing Equipment & Secure Services

Consider the way you are currently doing business and if any of your vendors have RFID capabilities. This is key to specifying and buying your tags, printers, encoders, readers, and software.

Bringing It All Together

6. Bringing It All Together

RFID is not a one and done technology implementation - You need to continually test and gather feedback, plan for data exchange, improve supplier scorecarding, and plan for expansion and growth.

GS1 US Can Help

Recorded Webinar: 6 Steps to Getting Started with RFID—Companies are relying on RFID for inventory accuracy, shipping/picking accuracy, and an omni-channel shopping experience for the customer. Whether you are a retailer or a supplier, it's important to have an understanding of what makes a successful RFID program. This webcast provides an overview of the most important steps in implementing EPC-enabled RFID.

GS1 US EPC Item Level Readiness Program—Provides the education, training, tools, and community support that the apparel and general merchandise industries need to implement EPC-enabled item level RFID tagging in day-to-day operations. With three levels of engagement—from basic online educational resources to a premium readiness training to tailored/customized support—our program can help your organization better serve your customers.

Customized Support—GS1 US Advisory Services can tailor an implementation program specific to your organization’s deployment plan, including on-site EPC readiness assessments, targeted pilot and implementation planning and support, and in-person training presentations for your staff and your trading partners. To learn more contact us at ApparelGM@gs1us.org.

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