Obtain Additional GS1 US-Issued Company Prefixes

Have you reached the maximum capacity of your GS1 Company Prefix? If you need to create additional barcodes, Global Location Numbers (GLNs), or other GS1 System identification numbers, simply apply for one or more GS1 Company Prefixes.

1.1 Estimate your barcode and product identification needs

Estimate your Barcode Infographic

Products come in many sizes, colors, and package configurations (e.g., individual boxes or cases). Each of these variations may require a unique identification number. The first step is to identify all the variations you have for each of your unique products.

If you and your customer need to distinguish one variation from another, the general rule of thumb is that each product variation will require its own GTIN®/U.P.C. barcode. For example, if you make three t-shirts, but each shirt comes in three sizes (small, medium, large), three styles (short sleeve, long sleeve, 3⁄4 sleeve), three colors (blue, pink, purple), and three packages (single, 2-pack, 3-pack), you need to identify 81 product variations (3 sizes x 3 styles x 3 colors x 3 packages = 81).

It’s also important to plan for additional product variations for your business growth (over the next year or so) when estimating your barcode needs, since you can't "add capacity" to your prefix. You can always request additional prefixes as your company grows, but you may save time and money by planning ahead.

Go to the Barcode Estimator to calculate your product identification needs.

Access the Barcode Estimator

1.2 Decide which GS1 Company Prefix is right for you

The number in a U.P.C. barcode (called a GTIN) is typically 12 digits long. It starts with your U.P.C. Company Prefix and ends with a check digit. The numbers between the U.P.C. Company Prefix and the check digit are the item reference numbers that you will assign to your products.

GTIN-12 Digit Setup

The U.P.C. Company Prefix length determines how many U.P.C. barcodes you can create.

GTIN-12 Digit Setup Graphic

If your U.P.C. Company Prefix is... You cna create this many U.P.C. barcodes...
6 digits 100,000
7 digits 10,000
8 digits 1,000
9 digits 100
10 digits 10

A GS1 Company Prefix comes in five different “capacities” that allow you to create as few as 10 unique items and as many as 100,000 unique items. Our pricing schedule is based on the number of unique items that you need to identify. Your initial fee provides the company prefix to you for one year. After that, you’ll pay the annual renewal fee to continue using the GS1-issued company prefix for your barcodes and product identification.

Number of items needing a barcode/GTIN** Initial fee Annual renewal fee
1-10 $250 $50
1-100 $750 $150
1-1,000 $2,500 $500
1-10,000 $6,500 $1,300
1-100,000 $10,500 $2,100
NDC/NHRIC Company Prefix $2,100 $2,100

* GS1 US® reserves the right to change pricing on GS1 Company Prefix(es). The use of GS1 US-issued company prefixes is pursuant to the terms and conditions of a License Agreement, which is subject to change at GS1 US’ sole discretion.

**If you need to identify locations, use the same table for pricing.

1.3 Fill out our online application

Provide your contact information, choose your prefix capacity, and pay online. It’s that easy. Within three business days, you’ll get a welcome email from GS1 US. It includes all the important information you need to get started, including your prefix certificate and access to myGS1 US—your online member center. You can start creating barcodes right away with GS1 US Data Hub® | Product or you can work with a GS1 US Solution Provider to create barcodes for you.


Fill out GS1 Company Prefix application


In this publication, the letters “U.P.C.” are used solely as an abbreviation for the “Universal Product Code,” which is a product identification system. They do not refer to the UPC, which is a federally registered certification mark of the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) to certify compliance with a Uniform Plumbing Code as authorized by IAPMO.