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50 Years of Confidence. Powered by GS1

About GS1 US

From UPC barcodes to fully digitized supply chains, millions of
businesses around the world power commerce with GS1 Standards.

50 Years of Confidence. Powered by GS1

GS1 US® helps companies power their supply chains to deliver safe, consistent, authentic, and trusted experiences. Best known as the recognized source for UPC barcodes, GS1 is a not-for-profit, global data standards organization that creates the common language that helps companies and their trading partners identify, capture, and share trusted data that links their physical and digital supply chains. Millions of businesses around the world power commerce with GS1 Standards. 

More than 300,000 members across 25 industries turn to GS1 US® for help with improving operations, addressing today’s industry challenges and changing market conditions, and positioning their businesses for tomorrow by leveraging GS1 Standards. 

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The 2D barcode and GS1 Digital Link will enable a whole new set of transformational capabilities ...that are not possible with the current UPC barcode."

John Phillips
Senior Vice President Customer Supply Chain & Go-to-Market, PepsiCo

Guided and Governed by Industry

Five decades ago, industry came together with a big idea—a way to increase speed and efficiency at checkout.  In 1974, GS1 brought that idea to life with the very first beep of a barcode at checkout. That one big idea led to infinite possibilities: increased efficiency, improved visibility, instant traceability, and an unfaltering confidence in the information underlying the global supply chain. 

And today we don’t just do these things for our members. We do it with them. In this unique role, GS1 US is user governed and actively brings together the business community under our leadership to identify issues impacting their business or industry and build consensus around best practices using standards-based solutions. 

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Our Passion for Powering Supply Chains

Consumers and market regulations evolve fast, so businesses need to move faster. The digital supply chain generates massive amounts of data, which companies are struggling to structure, govern, and share for maximum value.

The need for accurate and reliable data that can flow through all our information ecosystems is critical to stay ahead—and innovations, like the adoption of artificial intelligence machine learning, need clean data to function effectively. Therefore, a digital supply chain requires data this is both accurate as well as visible, linkable, searchable, sharable, and traceable. 

This is where GS1 US comes in. An efficient, digitized supply chain all starts with an authentic way to uniquely identify products and locations so that commerce can flow and grow.  

2-Part Workshop Series

Join industry experts to learn about two-dimensional (2D) barcodes and how they work with other technologies to create seamless consumer experiences and supply chain efficiencies.

Get Barcodes

Whether you’re a small business or global enterprise, you need an authentic way to identify your products so they can be sold in stores or on major online marketplaces. GS1 barcodes are accepted all over the world.

Use Barcodes

GS1 US Data Hub® is your one-stop shop to create UPC barcodes, manage them, and get the resources you need to get all your questions answered.

Build a Better, More Visible Supply Chain

An efficient, resilient, and safe supply chain demands end-to-end visibility for effective traceability, inventory management, and sustainability. GS1 Standards help trading partners share and access critical data about a product’s journey. 

Create Next-Level Experiences

Driving supply chain visibility requires a new generation of data carriers.Consumers want to be informed, the supply chain demands greater automation and digitization, and regulators require more data. Be a pioneer in creating next-level consumer experiences and further digitizing your supply chain.

Industry is transitioning to 2D barcodes to harness the benefits of infinite data.

Accurate, Real-Time Visibility

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can provide unparalleled traceability.

Power Visibility Via Exchange of Accurate, Complete Data

Bringing products to market and unlocking the benefits of supply chain visibility start with product data. Whether you are a manufacturer or brand owner who needs to provide data, or a retailer or marketplace who needs to authenticate it, GS1 US Data Hub® provides the access to data you need globally from a single platform.

Explore Our History: Unlocking Digital Transformation

Industry leaders came together to transform the way we shop and created the barcode. From that point forward, a simple scan at checkout connected a physical product to its digital identity—and information that could be shared in stores and throughout the supply chain. Since then, GS1 Standards have powered more reliable and transparent supply chains across industries.

Our future has never looked brighter. New multipurpose 2D barcodes powered by GS1 Standards are transforming a simple scan, opening a gateway of in-depth product information. Whether on an in-store scanner or a mobile phone, they will create new opportunities to improve business operations, consumer experiences, patient safety and sustainability initiatives.

50 years ago, the first beep of a barcode launched a half century of innovation and advancements in how we shop, work, and live.

50 Years of Confidence Powered by GS1