How Do GS1 Standards Enable Traceability for Enhanced Food Safety?

Unique Product Identification
Standardized Exchange of Data
Traceability Readiness
Increasing Consumer Confidence

Unique identification of products and the standardized exchange of data about those products enable companies to be prepared for quick and precise recalls.

Businesses, trade associations, industry groups, and regulatory agencies are collaborating to drive consumer confidence in food safety. GS1 US® works with all of these stakeholders to enable product traceability and food safety using GS1 Standards.

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5 Steps to improved traceability and related benefits

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GS1 Standards for Food Traceability 

Learn key principles and best practices used for case-level traceability and how they can be implemented.

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Traceability Quiz

Preparing for the New Era of Smarter Food Safety

U.S. FDA Deputy Commissioner Frank Yiannis discusses the importance of tech-enabled traceability.

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