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With today’s complex supply chain, and the increased need for regulatory compliance in key industries, we know it’s critical for Retailers and Marketplaces to have one trusted source for product, location and company information.

GS1 US Data Hub enables you to accept and use product data created directly by brand owners and helps with the sharing of key location and party information across the supply chain, eliminating confusion and adding clarity.

Access to GS1 US Data Hub is even easier, for a limited time, with a free 90-day single seat trial to one or more of our GS1 US Data Hub subscriptions*

Product View/Use

Search for validated product data

  • Search by Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) or advanced filters
  • Results include matching GTINs, product details and company license details for each
  • Data pulled from domestic registry (45M items) or global registry (395M items)

Location View/Use

Get reliable location identification

  • Search by Global Location Number (GLN), location name or advanced filters
  • Results include matching GLNs, along with location details for each (e.g., name, type, type status)


Validate UPC and company information

  • Search by GTIN, GLN, GS1 Company Prefix (GCP) and/or company name/address
  • Results include list of matching companies, along with their entity GLNs, company prefix and status, and company addres

No matter which you choose, by participating in the trial, you’ll have access to 90 days of:

  • Unlimited searches, detailed & downloadable results, and enterprise level functionalities 
  • Manual searches in an intuitive interface with no captcha 
  • Help through the GS1 US Data Hub Help Center or by contacting our Member Support agents directly

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By leveraging Data Hub, you gain confidence and convenience, with complete and accurate information:

  • Verify the validity of any UPC and get more details on the product, company and/or location associated with it
  • Search for a specific GTIN, GLN, or GCP
  • Find a list of GTIN, GLN, or GCP matching advanced search filters, e.g. in a certain industry or geographical area

In addition, utilizing Data Hub for your business enables you to:

  • Clean your product catalogs with data stored in a centralized location, your single source truth
  • Boost data quality efforts by reducing time to find the “most likely match” for product listings
  • Improve location accuracy in your operations by communicating directly with other trading partners and viewing their locations
  • Provide better customer experience by being confident that the description and image of products you offer are accurate