Did you license a GS1 US GTIN and want to create a barcode? Learn how to work with this GTIN in GS1 US Data Hub.

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Delete or Archive a GTIN or U.P.C.

You may have a product in GS1 US Data Hub that you’re no longer selling. Your ability to “delete” or remove a product is based on the status of the product: 

Draft button image

Draft Status - Click the Edit Product button and then the Delete Draft Product button on the right to delete this product from GS1 US Data Hub. Any information you entered, such as Brand Name and Product Description, will not be saved.

Premarket button image

PreMarket Status - You can retract the GTIN so it can be assigned to another product. Click the Retract PreMarket GTIN button. The product detail record will be automatically deleted, and the assigned GTIN will be moved back to the “Available” pool of GTINs.

Note: Per the GS1 General Specifications: “an allocated GTIN shall not be reallocated to another trade item.” So there are questions to consider before you click the Retract PreMarket GTIN button. Visit the GS1 General Specifications, Section 4.3.5, for more details.

In use button image

In Use Status - The GTIN and this product detail record are permanently attached to each other. In other words, this GTIN cannot be re-assigned to another product If you remove this product from the marketplace, click the Edit Product button, then the Set Status to Archived button.

archive button image

Archived Status: Product details cannot be changed when a product is in the Archived status. The only action you can take is to click the Edit Product button and then click Set Status to In Use button.

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