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Introduction to Location (GLN)

Note: this article is ONLY for members who have licensed a Global Location Number (GLN). If you licensed a Company Prefix, and want to learn more about the GLN associated with the Company Prefix, please view the Location User Guide.

About Your Legal Entity GLN:

When you first license the GLN, you also receive a secondary GLN known as the Legal Entity GLN. This is used to consolidate all GS1 US licenses that your company holds. In GS1 US Data Hub, the Legal Entity GLN is referred to as the Top Level GLN, and it is automatically assigned as the "Parent GLN" of your Licensed GLN. Note: you also receive the Legal Entity GLN when you license a Company Prefix or GS1 US GTIN.

How to Make Your GLN Active in GS1 US Data Hub:

After you license a GLN from GS1 US, you receive the 13-digit GLN in the "Welcome" e-mail from GS1 US. You can notify your business and trading partners about this GLN. It’s recommended that you make the GLN “active”, so your business and trading partners can search for and locate this GLN, to facilitate correct location identification.

When you enter GS1 US Data Hub | Location for the first time, the Top Level GLN and your licensed GLN are automatically populated in a “Draft” state. The address information matches what was provided when the GLN was licensed. You can set the Top Level GLN as the “parent” of your licensed GLN, change the Location Name, and then make the GLNs “active” in GS1 US Data Hub. This allows them to be viewed by GS1 US Data Hub | Location View/Use subscribers.

Learn More: For detailed steps on how to make the GLN active, read the Make Location Active Quick Start Guide. Or view the Make Your Location Active instructional module in the GS1 US University Learning Management System (sign in is required).


What if Your Address Changes?

If the company address associated with your GLN changes, visit myGS1US and click the “Manage Company Info” tile to change the company address in that area. You can then enter GS1 US Data Hub to change the address for this GLN.