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GS1 US Data Hub Help Center

The GLN can identify parties and locations, helping companies track products as they move through the supply chain. The GLN can also improve other supply chain processes, such as inventory management and procurement. Finally, the GLN helps healthcare organizations to meet specific regulatory requirements, such as the Drug Supply Chain Security Act. Learn more about the GLN.

Introduction to Location (GLN)

This article points you to resources that can help you create – and manage – parties and locations in GS1 US Data Hub. Resources are available based on your subscription:

1. Did You License a GS1 Company Prefix?
When your company licenses a GS1 Company Prefix, you can create a specific number of GLNs to identify parties or locations, based on your prefix capacity. Refer to the GS1 Company Prefix: GLN Resources page. 

You can also view this instructional module to learn how to add a GLN.

2. Are You a Managed GLN (Healthcare) Subscriber?
View the Managed GLN page.

3. Did you license a single Global Location Number (GLN)?

Learn how to publish your Single GLN Offering.
Or review this instructional module to learn how to publish the GLN.

4. Are you a Location View/Use Subscriber?
Learn about Location View/Use features.