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Welcome to GS1 US Data Hub Help Center

Did you license a GS1 US GTIN and want to create a barcode? Learn how to work with this GTIN in GS1 US Data Hub.

New and Improved Data Hub 5.5 is Here!

Our Data Hub team has been working hard to enhance the tool based on feedback from our members. 

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Data Hub 5.5, with an updated user experience and some helpful new features: 

Your Progress

In Data Hub 5.5, you’ll see a simplified four-step process to guide you through assigning GTINs and creating barcodes. Just click Add New Product to get started and follow the progress box on the righthand side: 

Your Progress image

You’ll see the My Products list is now available in both a Grid View and a Card View. You can change your selected view here: 

My Products Page

To view a list of your products, navigate to the “Product” tab on the top bar: 

Product tab on the top bar

You’ll see the My Products list is now available in both a Grid View and a Card View. You can change your selected view here: 

My Products list
  • The Grid View allows you to filter products by several fields, such as Status or Description;
  • The Card View Description shows one product per card.
  • With either the Grid or Card view, you can update multiple products at once by checking the boxes next to the products you want to update and selecting from the button options at the top of the list. You can take actions like exporting the selected products, or changing their statuses:
filter products

View the Barcode

From the My Products page, click the new View Barcode button to generate another browser window where you can click Preview Barcode to preview and/or download your barcode. Please be sure to allow pop-ups so this window is not blocked.

In that same right-side panel, click the Product History button to view actions completed for this product.

View Barcode

Creating or Editing a Product

  • To create a new product, click Product, then the Add New Product link on the right. To edit an existing product, locate the product in the My Products list, click on its blue hyperlinked name, and select the Edit Product button on the right side. Please note there are some limitations to what can be edited once a product’s GTIN is set to In Use.  
  • As you Create or Edit your Product, the right-side box will guide you through our new four step process. Required fields are marked with a red “*required”.  
  • Buttons in this four-step box will turn from grey to white when you’ve filled out the information that allows you to complete that action: 
Buttons in this four-step box
  • Step 3 (optional) - Enhance Your GTIN Data
    Verified by GS1: Step 3 contains four fields that, when filled out, will display the Verified by GS1 checkmark for that product in GS1 US Data Hub when View/Use subscribers search for a GTIN in the GS1 Registry Platform (GRP).

    Verified by GS1 allows retailers, marketplaces, and others to validate the integrity of your product listings through the GRP. This means you can be confident that your product data is cleaner on e-commerce sites, in catalogs, and in marketplaces around the world.

    Don’t have this information right now? You can still create your GTINs and barcodes in Data Hub without completing Step 3. However, we strongly recommend you return to complete these fields when possible so your trading partners can authenticate your product’s GTIN and attributes. 
  • Adding products to upper-level packaging: when you select an upper level packaging level and save, click the "Add Contents" link. A window of existing products displays. Check the box for the item you want to add to this container, then click "Add to Container."

    On the "Step 1" screen, add the quantity of this item in the Qty field:
quantity of this item

Other Resources

For a detailed list of enhancements, refer to the GS1 US Data Hub 5.5 Release Notes

To learn more about using Data Hub 5.5, please view the updated GS1 US Data Hub Product Create/Manage User Guide.  

Questions? Please contact our support team.