What is a Supply Chain

GS1 US Data Hub Help Center

Product View/Use Subscription

As a Product View/Use Subscriber, you can enter a GTIN to search for product data saved within GS1 US Data Hub and from other global companies.

Global product data is stored in the GS1 Registry Platform by GS1 members around the world, via their GS1 member organizations. 

You can also search for products that are NOT shared by brand owners. The company information of the brand owner displays, and you can send a "Request Access" message to the brand owner from within GS1 US Data Hub.

Note: Only In Use products with the Packaging Level of "Each" or "Case as Each" - in which “Yes” was selected for Purchasable by Consumer? in GS1 US Data Hub - are shared with the GS1 Registry Platform – even if the GTIN changes to the Archived status at a later date.

Export Add-On Subscription:

GS1 US Data Hub Product View/Use subscribers with the Export Add-On subscription can export product information that brand owners have shared. You can export all product information (up to 100,000 products at one time) or apply filters to export only certain product information. Learn more about Export Add-On.


Product View/Use User Guide: