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Your trading partners want accurate product data. Consumer trust in your products is built on complete and accurate information.


Are you ready to meet their expectations?

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Unique product identifier + 6 attributes = Solid foundation for sharing consistent data

The promise of Verified by GS1 is to restore unique identification for every product. Launching in 2019 it will help to improve consumer product data and the shopping experience. Follow these steps to prepare.


Ensure your active GTINs are properly structured with a valid GS1 Company Prefix licensed to your company and in accordance with the  GTIN Management Standard.


Ensure all your product identifiers (GTINs) are unique, taking into account that product variations such as size and formulation require different GTINs.


Ensure your products are listed with the six basic attributes that are considered foundational to quality product data.


Verify & CleanYour Data Today

Make sure your products have complete and accurate product data

Ensure updates are shared with your data pool and catalog partners

Create and manage GTINs in GS1 US Data Hub® with basic product attributes

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GS1 US Data Hub

If you have licensed a company prefix from GS1 US, you have a free subscription to GS1 US Data Hub to create and manage product data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what Verified by GS1 is all about? This document answers the what, why and how for brand owners and data recipients.

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GS1 Foundations

This online certificate course offers a deeper dive into the foundational aspects of globally unique product identification, the GTIN® Management Standard, barcoding, & GS1 Package Measurement Rules.

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Product Image URL Guidance

This document highlights the GS1 Product Image Specifications that need to be followed.

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Verified by GS1 indicates that GS1 has performed a limited automated logical check to confirm that the product identifier (GTIN) is properly constructed, and the GTIN is associated with a licensed prefix as recorded in the GS1 Registry Platform as well as a set of select brand attributes is present for each GTIN. GS1 US has not verified the accuracy of the select brand attributes. “Verified by GS1” does not provide a guarantee by GS1 US that the product data is current, complete or accurate. You acknowledge that your use of this data is at your own risk and GS1 US will not be responsible for any liability arising from your use of the data, even if it has a “Verified by GS1” seal associated with it.


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