What is a Supply Chain

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Enhance Your Data Quality

The modern consumer is looking for more product and location information, with greater access to different sources, channels and technologies.

That's why many organizations are establishing an internal data quality program - which includes entering the right data into GS1 US Data Hub. Learn more about the GS1 US Data Quality Program. 

Here are some tips to consider when entering product and location attributes in GS1 US Data Hub: 

Product Data:

Brand Name:
This is the product line you use with customers. This Brand Name must be consistently presented across products, and is case sensitive. The Brand Name cannot have multiple spellings.

Product Description:
This is a "functional description" to share with retailers, NOT the marketing description that is used for consumers. A best practice is to include Brand Name, type of product, variation (e.g., color, flavor, scent), and net contents.
For example: Tasty Harvest Jam Strawberry 20 oz.


Net Content & Product Dimensions: 
Either Imperial or metric measurement units is acceptable, but all measurements must be in the same style (all Imperial or all Metric).

Location Data:

GLN Type:
Select a GLN Type to answer the question of “where” business-related transactions occur for physical and digital locations. You can also use a GLN Type to identify “who” is involved within business-related transaction by identifying the party. Learn more.

Business Transactions Enabled:
This business attribute defines all the transactions in which the location engages, such as the "Bill To/Sold To," which is the party which receives goods and invoice. Learn more.

View all Location Attribute Definitions.