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GS1 US Data Hub instructional modules are available in the GS1 US University Learning Management System (use your myGS1 US credentials). Click the "GS1 US Data Hub" category, then select a module from one of the sub-categories. If you are already logged into GS1 US Data Hub, click the links below to view the course.

Creating Your Barcode for a Retail Item - Learn how to create your barcode for a retail item in GS1 US Data Hub. Duration: 5:02

Understanding the Product Lifecycle - Learn about the product lifecycle: Draft, PreMarket, In Use, Archived. Duration 3:52

Adding Product Dimensions - Learn more about size and weight attributes displayed on the Step 4 - Add Product Dimensions page. Duration: 1:55

Identify the GPC Code - Learn how to use the GPC Browser to identify the GPC code and add it to your product. Duration: 3:06

Working with Your GS1 US GTIN - Only for members who license a single GS1 US GTIN: learn how to work with the GS1 US GTIN in GS1 US Data Hub: adding product information, generating a barcode, creating higher level packaging, and changing the default sharing settings. Duration: 6:27

Creating a UDI (for medical device companies) - Only for members with medical device products: review basic steps needed to create the two segments of the UDI: the Device Identifier (DI) and the Production Identifier (PI). You'll also learn how to assign the Unit of Use packaging level when your primary device has a count that's greater than one. Duration: 9:05

Creating a Case for a Retail Item - Learn how to create a case of retail items using GS1 US Data Hub | Product. Duration 6:37

Packaging Levels - Learn how GS1 US Data Hub supports multiple packaging levels, how the GTIN-14 is generated, and how ITF-14 and GS1-128 barcodes can be generated. Duration: 7:47

Import Products and Assign GTINs - Learn how to import products and assign available GTINs. Duration: 5:23

Product Import, Higher Level Packaging - Learn how to import inner packs, cases, pallets, etc. Duration: 7:29

Update Multiple Locations at Once - This instructional module explains how to make changes to multiple locations and parties by exporting the data, making changes in the template, and uploading these changes into GS1 US Data Hub. Duration: 3:00

Adding a Location - Learn how to add a location, assign a Global Location Number (GLN), and then share this location with GS1 US Data Hub Location View/Use subscribers. Duration: 6:47

Publish Your GLN Offering - Only for members who have licensed a single GLN Offering: Learn how to publish your GLN so it can be viewed by GS1 US Data Hub View/Use subscribers. Duration: 2:17

Self-Managed Checklist (Healthcare) - Only for members who are part of the Managed GLN (Healthcare) subscription. View steps you can take in GS1 US Data Hub to add users, enable the approval process, and other actions to manage the GLN assigned to your organization. Duration: 4:48

Location View/Use - Only for Location View/Use subscribers. Learn how to filter and export third-party GLNs. You'll also learn how to message GLN owners. Duration: 2:48

Instructional Modules