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GS1 Company Prefix Subscribers: Add and Manage GLNs

After you license a GS1 Company Prefix, you can create GLNs in GS1 US Data Hub. The number of GLNs that you can create is based on the length of the GS1 Company Prefix you have licensed. For example: 

10-Digit GS1 Company Prefix: You can create up to 100 GLNs

7-digit GS1 Company Prefix: You can create 100,000 GLNs

About the Top Level GLN

Your organization automatically receives a Top Level Global Location Number (also known as your Entity GLN). The Top Level GLN is displayed on the Manage Locations page. The address information is pulled from your GS1 US account information. And you can assign the Top Level GLN as the “Administrative Parent” for the first GLN you create.

How to Allocate GLNs

Before you get started creating a GLN, you may want to consider how to allocate GLNs to identify parties and locations. Here are two allocation methods:

Method #1: Create a unique GLN for each GLN Type.
Your organization can then share each unique GLN based on the type of business transaction. This allocation method is recommended for organizations with complex GLN business needs, as it offers flexibility if your GLN attributes change.

Method #2: Create a GLN - and add multiple GLN Types.
Each GLN Type would contain specific attributes. This method enables you to share a single GLN for a wide range of business transactions. This allocation method is recommended for organizations with very limited GLN business needs, as it may result in issues when scaling to meet business needs - or when trying to achieve more complex use case requirements.