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Import Products: Correcting Errors

After you import products into GS1 US Data Hub, “Complete” displays in the Status column. If you see a number in the “#Errors” column, this is the number of products in the upload file that were NOT imported.

Click the filename to open the “results file.” GS1 US Data Hub adds three columns to this results file and displays any errors in Column B. Some common error messages are displayed below. You should make these changes in the "update" file that you had submitted previously, and not the "results" file. You can then resubmit the update file.

Before you save the update file, remove any rows that were imported successfully the first time. You don’t need to rename the file before you resubmit. 

To view a list of ALL import errors, view the Product Import User Guide, Appendix B.

To resolve this error, open the “update” file on your computer. Scroll down to the row to where the value is missing. For example, In Use may be missing in the Status column. Enter this value, remove all the other rows, save the update file, and resubmit.

GTIN-12s must be entered in the update file as 14 digits, with two leading zeros serving as filler digits. The GTIN is typically stored as 14 digits in other external systems.

For example: 00196618007309

To resolve this error, open the update file, and enter the two leading zeros in the GTIN column for all products listed.

Are the two zeros disappearing after you move to the next cell? Then the cell format in this file has been changed from “Text." Select the column and change all the cells and change the format back to "Text.” This will ensure that the two leading zeros display in front of each of these GTIN-12s.

Alternatively, you can also type an apostrophe (which is to the left of the “Enter” key) in front of each GTIN for it to accept the two leading zeros in the 14-digit format.

You have entered a higher level packaging item, and have entered a GTIN-14 in the GTIN column. However, you must select “N” in the IsPurchasable column to indicate that this product is for shipping purposes only.

Visit the Manage Products screen and enter this GTIN to view that specific product detail record, and confirm that it’s the same product as the one you’re trying to import. You don’t have to take any additional steps, as the other items in the update file were successfully imported.

If you believe that the GTIN was previously assigned, and you have In Use products with the same GTIN, you will need to assign a new GTIN to one of the products, then communicate this new GTIN both internally and externally to your trading partners.

Here are two other common reasons for this error:

Reason #1: Column names were moved or changed.
You may have changed a column name, rearranged the columns, or deleted a column. To correct this error, click the Download All Available GTINs template again, and enter this content or paste the content from the company’s source file, without altering any columns in the template. Then save and resubmit this update file.

Reason #2: Hidden Characters are in the data
If you pasted this product data from another spreadsheet of software, GS1 US Data Hub may be detecting that this data contained hidden line breaks or hidden characters, such as hidden carriage returns.

To remove this hidden data, click the Download All Available GTINs template again, then cut and paste the data from your company’s product source file into this new template. But this time, when you paste the data, select the “Paste as Values” option. Then click CTRL + H to display the “Find and Replace” window. In the “Find” box, type the CTRL and J keys. You will see a flashing dot in the box. Keep the “Replace” box empty. Then click “Replace All.” Save this update file and submit again.