What is a Supply Chain

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Add an Additional GLN Type

You can add up to four GLN Types to an existing GLN. If you already have an existing GLN Type for a GLN, use these steps to add an additional GLN Type

1. From the Managed GLN page, identify the GLN and click the GLN link. The GLN record displays.

2. On the right, the existing GLN Type(s) for this GLN are displayed. Click the Add GLN Type button to add another GLN Type. The Add GLN Type window displays.

3. Select one of the available GLN Types, then click Add Type.

Note: if you select Legal Entity or Function, you will need to enter the “Parent GLN” for this GLN Type. Make sure you have this 13-digit GLN to enter before you select the GLN Type. 

4. Scroll down and enter the fields for this GLN Type, then click Save. This GLN Type is now “Active” and will now display for this GLN.