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Location Definitions

A Global Location Number (GLN) is the globally unique GS1 Identification Number that can be used to identify the “Who” and “Where” of product movement transactions. Learn more about the GLN.

In GS1 US Data Hub, location owners can assign a GLN to a specific location or party. This GLN can then be shared with third parties via lookup tools or the GS1 US Data Hub Location View/Use subscription. Click the GLN attribute below for definitions. 

The GLN Type indicates whether the GLN identifies "where" (location) or "who" (party). 

View GLN Type definitions.

Name of the location or party (company, office, department, etc.). 

The GLN Type Status can be Active - meaning it is in use, or Inactive, meaning it is no longer being used by the GLN owner.

Enter the US Postal Service (USPS) mailing street address in Address Line 1. When you click Publish, GS1 US Data Hub verifies the Address Line 1, City, State and Zip Code against the USPS database.

If the GLN Type is "Fixed Physical," and the address already exists for a GLN in GS1 US Data Hub, you can distinguish the address by adding details in Address Line 2 and Address Line 3 (such as "Suite 100" and "Storeroom #2").

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Note: When users look up a GLN via the GLN Lookup Tool or as a Location View/Use subscriber, the Address displayed represents the GLN's Address Line 1 and Address Line 2.

This attribute indicates the transaction(s) in which the location or party engages.

View Business Transactions Enabled definitions.

Affiliated: this location or party is affiliated to another organization. For example, when a company is engaged in an agent relationship (insurance, shipping, etc). In the Healthcare industry, this other organization may be the parent corporation.

Leased: this location or party is leased to another organization. In the Healthcare industry, this GLN may have a lease with the parent corporation.

Managed: this location or party has a managed agreement with another organization.

Owned: this location or party is owned by the company name entered in this location detail record, or another organization, in part or in full. This may include joint ventures. In the Healthcare industry, this location may be owned by the parent corporation.

Franchised: this location or party is a franchisee organization.

Class of Trade is a classification typically used by the pharmaceutical industry to meet the reporting requirements of government agencies’ statutory pricing regulations. If you selected "Healthcare" as the industry, the Class of Trade fields are required.

View Class of Trade definitions.

This is a location identifier that is associated with this GLN, but it is assigned and managed by government bodies, trade organizations, and other identities. Location ID only displays if the GLN Type is Fixed Physical, Mobile Physical or Digital.

View Location ID definitions.

This is a previously assigned party or location identifier that can be associated to a GLN. The Organization ID displays only if the GLN Type is Legal Entity or Function.

View Organization ID definitions.