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Healthcare: GLNs from GPOs or Wholesale Distributors

This page contains resources for the GS1 US Managed GLN subscription, in which GPOs and wholesale distributors assign GLNs to healthcare providers.

View the Self-Managed Checklist to learn how to manage your GLN within GS1 US Data Hub.

You cannot delete a Published GLN. However, you can change the GLN Type(s) contained in the GLN to Inactive. GS1 US Data Hub Location View/Use subscribers will see that the GLN Type is Inactive. They can also filter results to display only Active GLN Types.

When you create a new GLN, you can associate this new GLN with the GLN it is replacing. For example, when a company closes an existing distribution center, and opens a new distribution center, serving the same purpose, it can associate the new GLN with this former GLN.

To do this, enter the “former” 13-dight GLN in the Replaces GLN field when entering the "new" GLN.

Note: Make sure to enter this former GLN in the Replaces GLN field BEFORE you change this GLN’s GLN Type to Inactive.

1. Enter the new GLN in GS1 US Data Hub, and in the Replaces GLN field, type the 13-digit GLN of the former location or party.

2. Click Save Draft or Publish GLN.

3. Now you can return to the former GLN and change the GLN Type to Inactive.

Yes, GS1 US Data Hub provides an "Approval Process” workflow whenever locations and parties are created or updated. Read the Location Approval Process article for details.

Yes, the “Export results for import” option enables you to export this data so you can make changes and import the data back into GS1 US Data Hub. Read the Update Multiple Locations at Once article for details.

In GS1 US Data Hub, you can assign the Top Level GLN as the “Administrative Parent” to the GLN you are creating. You can then build a GLN hierarchy using this new GLN as the Administrative Parent.

If your "Legal Entity GLN" address (referred to as Top Level GLN in GS1 US Data Hub) changes, you need to change the address in two GS1 US systems:

a. Visit the myGS1 US page, and click Manage Company Info. Enter the updated address information. Then click Save Updates.

b. Visit GS1 US Data Hub, click the Top Level GLN on the main Location page (as shown below). Click Edit for the Legal Entity GLN type. Change the address, then click Save.

Top Level GLN

Select “View only locations I Manage” from the drop-down displayed next to the My Locations Heading. Only the locations you manage are displayed.

View only locations I manage

Yes, to transfer a location, click the Location Name from the Manage Locations screen. The Location Details screen displays. Click the Transfer GLN button. The Transfer Location window displays. Enter the parent GLN to which this location is being transferred, then click Next, then the Request Transfer button.

If you have enabled the Approval Process, the transfer request is sent to the Approver.

Note: Transfers can only occur between two Managed GLN Subscribers, or between a Managed GLN Subscriber and associated Self-Managed organization. Two Self-Managed organizations cannot use the transfer feature.