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Publish your GLN Offering

After you license a GLN from GS1 US, you receive the 13-digit GLN in the "Welcome" e-mail from GS1 US. You can notify your business and trading partners about this GLN immediately.

In GS1 US Data Hub, this GLN is still in a "Draft" state. It's recommended that you "publish" your GLN so your business and trading partners can search for - and locate - this GLN in GS1 US Data Hub, and via the Verified by GS1 service, to facilitate correct location identification.

To publish your GLN, click the GLN and then the Publish GLN button to publish. You can enter other attributes as needed.

About the Top Level GLN:

The Top Level GLN is used by GS1 US to consolidate all GS1 US licenses that you may be holding. You cannot delete the Top Level GLN. When you enter GS1 US Data Hub | Location for the first time, the Top Level GLN is "published."

By default, the Top Level GLN contains the “Legal Entity” GLN Type in an “Active” state. You cannot make this Legal Entity GLN Type “Inactive.” or delete this GLN Type. You can review this Top Level GLN and make any changes.


Publish Your GLN Offering Module:

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