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This article is ONLY for members who licensed a GS1 US GTIN, and want to generate a barcode, create a shipping case, etc.

Work with My GTIN

Please note that if you licensed a GS1 Company Prefix, click the
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This article is ONLY for members who licensed a GS1 US GTIN, and want to perform these actions:

  • Generate a Barcode - View these six steps

  • Add Additional Product Information
  • Add Higher Level Packaging, such as a case for shipping/receiving
  • Change the Default Sharing Setting

Learn more: view the Working With Your GS1 US GTIN module in the GS1 US University Learning Management System. Or download the GS1 US GTIN User Guide (PDF) to read these steps.

How to login to GS1 US Data Hub:

Use the same user name and password you set up for your My GS1 US account, then read and accept the Usage Agreement.

If you forgot your password, click “Forgot Password?” on the login screen, then enter your Email address. Within minutes you’ll get a password reset email from

Need to license another GS1 US GTIN? Visit the GS1 US Store page for details.