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Work with My GTIN

Note: this article is ONLY for members who licensed a GS1 US GTIN. You can perform several actions in GS1 US Data Hub: 

To generate a barcode, you can view these six steps:

You can add a shipping/receiving item for your product. This shipping/receiving item cannot be sold to consumers. GS1 US Data Hub automatically assigns a GTIN-14 to this item. You can also generate the ITF-14 or GS1-128 barcodes for these items.

To learn more, view the Create a Shipping Case and Generate a Barcode article.

You can enter additional attributes to your product, such as Target Market and Unit of Measure. To learn more, view the Step 3 and Step 4 articles.

By default, your product is shared with a global audience. But you can change this default setting. Click the Administration link, then the Manage link under the "Share Settings" section.

To stop sharing, uncheck the box for "Share all In Use and Archived Products with GS1 US Data Hub Product View/Use subscribers."  Your GTIN will no longer be shared.

Need to license another GS1 US GTIN?

Visit the GS1 US Store page for details.