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Did you license a GS1 US GTIN and want to create a barcode? 
Learn how to work with this GTIN in GS1 US Data Hub.

GS1 US Data Hub Support of Company Prefix for GTIN-13s

Since 2021 GS1 US Data Hub has supported the Company Prefix for GTIN-13s that you may have licensed with GS1 US. 

When you log into GS1 US Data Hub, you’ll see that the GTIN-13 prefix is displayed on the main page, along with any other Company Prefixes and/or GS1 US GTINs you may have licensed with GS1 US. You can then generate EAN-13 barcodes for products to which you assign GTINs using that prefix. 

Any products created prior to May 2021 with the GTIN-13 prefix outside of GS1 US Data Hub are NOT automatically entered into GS1 US Data Hub. You can import these products using these steps:

How to Import Your Existing GTIN-13 Products:

Step 1. From the Data Hub main page click Product, then the Import link. 

​Step 2. 
Select the industry for these products from the main Import page.

Step 3.
 ​Click Download Import Template link and save this spreadsheet to your computer. Open this spreadsheet, and enter the products' values or copy them from another spreadsheet. Columns with green-colored headings are required. Note: all GTIN-13s must be entered as 14 digits, with a leading zero serving as a filler digit.

Step 4. Click Browse on the Import page and locate your completed spreadsheet on your computer. Click Submit. GS1 US Data Hub will process the items and add them to the system. If you have any errors, they will be listed in the Errors column.

Step 5. If you review a product detail record of any of the products you imported, you'll see that a GTIN-13 (EAN-13) is displayed, rather than the GTIN-12. And when you click "Barcode", you'll see that barcode image available is an EAN-13.

Learn More:

Refer to the Working with Product Import User Guide.

View the instructional module, GS1 US Data Hub: Download Import for GTIN-13s, available on the GS1 US University Learning Management System.

How to Create Products with the Company Prefix for GTIN-13s:

You can also use GS1 US Data Hub to create new products using this prefix. Download the Company Prefix for GTIN-13s Quick Start Guide for quick steps. For more details about field definitions and other GS1 US Data Hub - Product functionality, view the Product Create/Manage User Guide.