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Self-Managed Checklist for Healthcare Providers

The questions below refer to the Self-Managed program, in which healthcare providers manage their own location and party data in GS1 US Data Hub.

When your company is in a contract with a GPO, the GPO creates, manages, and deletes your users, locations, and Global Location Numbers (GLN). The responsibility falls on the GPO to gather and input information correctly to utilize for different purposes such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). 

When your company becomes self-managed, the responsibility falls on you to gather and input information correctly to utilize for the different purposes such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). 

For example, if a GPO provides purchasing services for a network of health care providers such as a hospital system with multiple campuses that have independent pharmacies, the GPO is responsible to make sure each of the appropriate locations have the correct Location Data & GLN.

If one of the hospitals became self-managed, that hospital would be responsible for its pharmacy to have the correct location data and GLN.

You'll instill trust that your location hierarchy is accurate and up to date. Your organization knows best how it should be viewed by trading partners. You gain control of when to make GLN assignment and maintenance changes, and when to share GLN data in real time - without any potential delays created by GPO approvals or actions. 

Managed GS1 US Data Hub Users require approval from their GPO to make edits to their location data. Self-Managed users can seek assistance from their GPO or from GS1 US in managing their locations as they take on ownership of their hierarchy. 

The starting points are contained in the Self-Managed Checklist (the link is provided above). Second, you can contact GS1 US Member Support. Third, you can contact the Manager of Healthcare for GS1 US Healthcare team. Email address: ghealthcareus@gs1us.org

There is no cost incurred by the self-managed user.

The Managed GLN subscription, and the features within GS1 US Data Hub | Location, are sponsored by the GPO.

You thought this was a really good idea and now you realize it’s not going to work for you. You would need to get permission from your sponsoring GPO to switch back. Once approved from the GPO, GS1 US can transfer back the information to the GPO account.

Your hierarchy goes back under the GPO hierarchy, and the logging of your account then is handled again via the GPO.

Submit the Request to Set Up Self-Managed Provider in GS1 US Data Hub Location form.

Upon completion of the GLN transfer within GS1 US Data Hub, you will receive an email with additional instructions. 

First, you will receive an e-mail indicating you have a GS1 US Data Hub account. You can now login to GS1 US Data Hub.  Read the Self-Managed Checklist to take these actions in GS1 US Data Hub:

1. Add Users and Assign Location Create/Manage Role
2. Add and Manage GLN Data
3. Optional: use the Approval Process
4. Optional: change Share Settings