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How to Use the Clone Feature

If you need to enter one or more items that are similar to a product that’s already been entered, you can save time and reduce the risk of manual errors by using the Clone tool. 

Note: The Clone tool is only enabled for PreMarketIn Use and Archived products.

To clone a product, take these steps:

  • Locate the product you want to clone. 
    Click Product. From the My Products page, click the Description link of the product. The product detail record displays. Click the Clone This Product button on the right. 
Locate the product you want to clone
  • Confirm you are cloning the right product. 
    The Confirm Cloning of Product dialog box displays. Click Continue. A new Draft product detail record is created with the same attributes.  
  • Change the attributes for the new product detail record. 
    The Clone tool copies the following product attributes: 
    - Product Description – Now contains the word “Copy” at the end; be sure to change the Product Description to match the new product you are creating 
    - Brand Name 
    - Product Industry 
    - Packaging Level 
    - Dimensions - Remember to change these dimensions, if needed 
    - Weight - Remember to change the weight, if needed 
    - SKU 

    Note: Make sure you adjust product dimensions to reflect the new product, before you click the Set to In Use button.