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Healthcare: Transfer a GLN

If you are a Managed GLN subscriber (healthcare), you can transfer a GLN in GS1 US Data Hub from one GPO or Wholesaler to another. This may be the result of a merger or other business situation.

Before you transfer a location, consider these issues:

- Transfers can occur between: two Managed GLN subscribers, a Managed GLN subscriber and an associated Self-Managed organization, and two Self-Managed organizations.
Organizations that have licensed a GS1 Company Prefix are NOT eligible to transfer GLNs.

- Users must have the Location Administrator role to perform a transfer.

- If the GLN has "descendants," then they are also transferred. 
The GLN has descendants if it serves as the "Administrative Parent" of other GLNs. If these other GLNs also serve as Administrative Parents, then their "child" GLNs are also transferred.

A transferred GLN will inherit the “Share” settings of its new company.


Follow these steps to transfer a location:

This screen provides all the details about this GLN.

GLN Details Screen

This button is displayed on the right side of the screen.

The Transfer GLN window displays.

Manage Transfer button

Enter the 13-digit New Parent GLN to which this GLN is being transferred. Then click Next.

When the confirm window displays, click Request Transfer. The transfer request is sent to the approver within the receiving location owner.

Transfer GLN window

Click the Administration tab, and under Manage Transfers, click the Manage Transfers link. 

Manage Transfers link

Confirm this is the right location to be transferred, then click the GLN row so it is highlighed in gray. Click Accept to transfer this GLN and its descendants to your hierarchy. If you do not want to transfer this location, click Reject.

Manage Transfer Receiving